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Landscaping Around Water Features, And The Lighting That Takes It To The Next Level

Landscape lighting brings this pond with waterfall to life at night

Adding water to your front yard or back yard landscape design can make a stunning visual statement, it also helps attract and sustain wildlife, as well as providing a calm and relaxing place to spend time. Water features can range from a small fountain to a large pool, waterfall or stream, but whatever you choose, it’s important to carefully consider the landscaping around the water feature so that it looks like it belongs on your property and is a seamless addition.

When it comes to landscaping around a water feature, the first thing to keep in mind is that the area surrounding your new water feature will need to be able to support the weight and maintenance of the structure. This is especially true for ponds and waterfalls that need to hold and retain large amounts of water. If you want to minimize the amount of work required, consider a water feature that is built into or above ground. These tend to be easier to maintain, but they still require some maintenance work to avoid overgrowth.

Ponds are popular with many homeowners and businesses, often including koi fish and other aquatic vegetation. They are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space, but they do require regular maintenance to ensure the health of your fish and plants. 

A well lit pool area is safer, and looks amazing

If you’re looking for a water feature with less maintenance, try a waterfall or stream. These can be built into or above ground and can be used to create a natural look in any garden or landscape. The movement of the water discourages algae growth and is also attractive to birds, butterflies, bees and other wildlife. 

A back yard water feature can add a lot to your landscape design, from creating a more natural environment to entertaining guests. However, it’s crucial to think about how the

landscape lighting will complement your water feature and enhance the results at night.

Using landscape lighting to call attention to your water feature will help create an ambiance

Landscape lighting a pond also helps provide ambient light on the bridge in the background

that sets the perfect mood for romantic evenings and lively parties with friends. It’s also the finishing touch that will elevate the result from a simple water element into something more dramatic and eye-catching. Your landscape designer will be able to assist you with selecting the best landscape lighting for your feature, while ensuring that it is safe and practical. Contact us at Lūme Landscape Lighting when it's time to add the lighting to your water feature. We've turned several water features into resplendent night time displays, and we can't wait to bring yours to life at night!


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