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Why Landscaping Is a Good Investment For Your Home

There are several reasons you may be thinking of adding lighting around your

outdoor spaces, and overall value can be one of them.

House with landscape lighting

Lighting your landscape accentuates, or can give the illusion of having an expansive and luxurious outdoor area, even in tighter spaces, and also adds safety and security, along with warmth. Whether you use your yard for entertaining or simply spending time with loved ones, an inviting space must be created - which is why professional landscape lighting can be such an invaluable investment for your home.

Landscape lighting can help you enjoy your landscape day or night, providing

illumination of patios, decks and other seating areas allowing them to remain

useable well after sundown.

Add lighting to the features you love most in your yard such as fountains, ponds,

flower gardens, statues or ornamental shrubs to enhance their appeal and even

increase value of your home. Proper landscape lighting will not only add appeal but

also increase its value! Various studies have shown that most homeowners prefer a house with a customized, well-designed landscape lighting system. These systems

can increase your property value up to 20 percent!

Landscaping lighting can instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home, making it

more desirable to potential buyers and neighbors alike. Lighting draws attention to

architectural features of your home that stand out, creating a "Wow!" factor.

Lighting design can transform a dim exterior into an illuminated showcase, drawing

attention to special features like ponds, fountains, or flowers that might otherwise

go unseen, making even an uninspiring backyard more visually captivating.

Light can help create an intimate ambiance for you and your guests by lighting

areas where you spend most of your time, such as pools, hot tubs, patio areas or any

other feature in your backyard that you want to make use of throughout the day or


Landscape lighting has become an increasingly popular addition to many homes.

According to a National Association of Home Builders survey, 90 percent of those

surveyed rated landscape lighting as either essential or important.

Your Lūme lighting designer will know which lights will best complement the

architecture and landscaping design of your home, working closely with you to

ensure a design tailored precisely to your needs and wants. They'll also know the

most efficient ways to illuminate your home, as well as how much light, and where

to place lighting fixtures for optimal effect.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for an onsite design consultation. We

look forward to bringing your vision to life.

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