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Can You Overdo Landscape Lighting?

Can there be too many, or too much light in a space?

This is the opposite of the "How many lights do I need?" question, which usually ends in most people grossly underestimating how many fixtures are needed to truly do a good job of bringing a landscape to life properly in the dark. Adding landscape lighting to your home or business can boost curb appeal, improve safety and security and add an inviting feel at night. However, it’s possible to overdo it, creating a look that is visually confusing and unappealing. To avoid this, choose a landscape lighting company with a reputation for thoughtful planning and expert placement. (Cough, cough... like us here at Lūme Landscape Lighting, in and around Denver.)

The right lighting can reveal shadows and silhouettes to enhance the beauty of a plant or structure. You can also experiment with different effects by aiming spotlights higher or lower, depending on the goal. For example, a fixture aimed up against a tree can illuminate the foliage with a soft glow, while a fixture angled down can create an illuminated backdrop. So, can you overdo landscape lighting? Absolutely. It isn't just about fixture count either. As much as it would seem that adding "too many" fixtures to a display might be a problem, it's also a matter of knowing what types of fixtures to use for which settings, or with which objects, what color an object is, as well as what color (or light "temperature") to use in any given scenario. It is surprisingly easy to wash an area out, making it look bright and sterile, instead of creating an inviting warm glow, with the wrong light temperature, an overpowering fixture, or even by simply misplacing a fixture by just a foot or two.

If you want to be sure you're getting the optimal display for your landscape, and the variety of choices sounds overwhelming to you, call in the professionals at Lūme Landscape Lighting. With years of experience in a multitude of different settings, our designers know exactly how to draw out the natural beauty your yard has to offer at night. Contact us today for a consultation!

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